• Image of Pram 'Shadow Shows of the Phantascope' DVD
  • Image of Pram 'Shadow Shows of the Phantascope' DVD
  • Image of Pram 'Shadow Shows of the Phantascope' DVD

A comprehensive collection of Pram's work in film.

Ninety minutes of short films, music videos, animations and collaborations in a limited run of 500 DVDs with special packaging.

The DVD features..
1: 'Beluga'
[Directed by Scott Johnston] 5:17
2: 'The Owl Service'
[Directed by Max Simpson] 4:12
3: 'Sleepy Sweet'
[Directed by Max Simpson] 4:15
4: 'The Last Astronaut'
[Directed by Max Simpson] 5:25

5: 'Electric Seance'
[Directed by Scott Johnston] 4:10
6: 'Kraft'
[Directed by Scott Johnston] 11:29
7: 'Tourfilm'
[Directed by Scott Johnston] 3:13
8: 'Siniestro'
[Directed by Dancing Diablo] 4:00
9: 'Keep In A Dry Place And Away From Children'
[Directed by Martin Davies] 9:10

10: 'Life In The Clouds'
[Directed By Steve Hazell] 6:05
11: 'Space Siren (Edit)'
[Directed By Waldemar Werbel] 3:30
12: 'Carnival Of Souls Goes To Rio'
[Geiger Counter] 3:52
13: 'Pram Live 2002-2004'
[Scott Johnston] 10:06
14: 'Salt & Sand'
[Live Projections – Scott Johnston] 4:12
15: 'Penny Arcade
[Live Projections – Scott Johnston] 4:31
16: 'Blind Tiger'
[Live Projections – Scott Johnston] 3:29
17: 'The Divine Edgar'
[Installation – Scott Johnston] 2:46

DVD is Region Free (0) PAL Format

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